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Angie Mitchell Recommends 12 Second Commute

Professional marketers know where to get the biggest bang for their buck. Investing in effective marketing tools that will pay dividends again and again... they also know it is the only way to go.

Darryl shows a glimps at the inside of 12 SC and what it has to offer as far as support and the tools we all need to be successful.

The strength of your online marketing tools may be the most vital piece of your online marketing mix.

There are alot of newcomers trying to make a living online and I know all too well how frustrating it can be but there is only one way to eat an elephant and that's one bite at a time.

However, there are tools available to make things easier and you can have them all under one roof, saving you time and money... check it out.

Click Here and take a 30 Day free trial and see for yourself.

Angie Mitchell Rants About Unnamed Big Shot Guru | Email Autoresponders

Angry Angie Mitchell

I can't tell you how many email autoresponders I get from these so called Guru's. When I was first starting out online I gorged myself with what they were selling, teaching, and advising me how to grow with my online business.

Hook, line and sinker... I was sold. I actually thought they cared and were going to help me. They only wanted my money and my share of the wad that lined their pockets.

I received countless email autoresponders from this one "guru" (very well known to internet marketing) and he started off so positive and encouraging but after getting about the fourth message about one particular product he was pushing, it started getting a bit nasty.

Granted, (before knowing any better) I did buy some of his fluff in the past. I can guarantee you I will never purchase anything from this money grubbing crook again! What a royal jerk! I'd like to share with you the last email autoresponder I got from him.

And to avoid getting myself in trouble, I'll leave out his Name and his latest and greatest product he was trying to get me to purchase that was "going to change my life!"

No More Excuses Angie... I'm Calling Your Bluff.

After doing quite a bit of thinking this morning, I've decided that your in-action isn't acceptable this time Angie.

You subscribed to this list because you said you wanted to build a successful business, and because you wanted my help.

So I spent months putting together "___________" for you... A breakthrough way for you to literally peak inside the businesses of the best marketers in our industry, to see what's working best for them right now...

Basically giving you what I would have killed for when I was starting out...

A one-stop-shop for the training you need, at a fraction of the cost you'd have to pay somewhere else.

But the simple fact of the matter, is that you haven't signed up yet.

So personally, I feel that if you aren't willing to pony up $10 to get access to this kind of insider info from the people literally making 7 and 8 figures in this industry, then you should just get off my list.


I'm not saying that to be mean, but I can't help you if you're not willing to help yourself, so there's really no point in you being here.

I don't have the time or patience for people who say they want one thing, and then do another.

Especially when I'm willing to LOSE MONEY just to let you try something out that I know will help you.

Yes... I LOSE MONEY, on every single __________ I'm shipping to people, because I wanted to over-deliver, and provide you with a new standard of value.

So pardon me, but I'm calling your bluff, because in-action is not allowed this time.

It's simple...

1: You get to try _____ and keep the ________ it comes on for $9.95.

2: If you get more value than you paid from it: You Win.

3: If you get less value than you paid, you get a refund, which means: You Win.

No matter what happens, you win, which means I'm calling your bluff.

You have two choices...

Join ________ - today - because I know it will help you, or kindly remove yourself from my list.

Here's the sign-up link, or you can find the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this email.

The choice is yours, but it's TIME TO GET OFF THE FENCE AND MAKE THE CHOICE. It's your life, not mine, so either way is fine by me.

I'm off to Denver, and I'll see the LEADERS on the other side.

Accepting no excuses,


Reading his letter again, makes my blood boil!

Yep you're right, It is my life and it is my $10 that you are not going to get.

Does this guy actually think sending me autoresponder messages like this is going to make me want to buy his stuff? The bully tactic doesn't work with me XXXX XXXXXXX.

That's all you ever give is "peaks inside!" Some of us are sick of being hand fed (just enough) to keep us wanting more... just put the damn meat and potatoes down and walk away!

If There was ever a way to actually speak to this jerk or have him (not "his people,") actually read an email from me, I'd say... GO POUND SALT! I've lined your bank account enough, and the things I've purchased from you were filled with FLUFF! And your videos offer nothing! You prey on the newcomers who are trying to make it online. I'll give you this much, you know how to talk the talk!

I'd be more than happy to unsubscribe to your crap, infact... it would be the smartest decision I've made yet! On second thought, I'll stay, your nasty email autoresponders make for good material.

I'll be avoiding him like the plague and I'll be using his material as fire starter next winter.

Choose your Guru wisely.

OK, That's my rant.

Angie Mitchell
Skype: angiebt79828

Online Marketing Tools

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Heres Why | Jim Roche NJ Recommends | 12 Second Commute | 12Sc Submitted by Jim Roche NJ

Hi, I'm Darryl Graham and let me tell you a little story about why I created 12SC and what it will do for you.

I started working online in 1999 and soon thereafter I had a partner who understood the importance of building a prospect list.

He tried for a long time to tell me about building and maintaining a prospect list as did others who were making money online, but I just could not see the big picture and did not want to spend the time and money in putting an Autoresponder together.

To make a long story short, we parted ways and he went on to make over $500,000 in less than 2 years while I continued to struggle and fight for survival each day.

Had I listened to him and the others who were hammering me with the truth and telling me to build my prospect list, I too, could have made over $500,000 in those first 4 years, but since I did not listen to reason and do the one thing that was making others extremely wealthy, I lost more than half a million dollars.

I vowed after I finally realized the potential of having my own prospect list that I would help others avoid my mistake, so I created my first Autoresponder around 2004.

My first Autoresponder was good, but people still had to build capture pages and tie the Autoresponder into those capture pages which still took a few hours of work for experienced marketers and many more hours for inexperienced marketers.

In 2009, I started conceptualizing 12SC as I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to build their own prospect list using a service that was easy to use and easy to afford.

In addition to the top of the line Autoresponder, we included all the other tools that are necessary to really succeed online. Tools such as the Ad and Link Tracker, URL Rotator, Capture page creator, conference center, Blog and an affiliate center that would allow our clients to make a little money or a lot of money.

The beauty of 12SC is that everyone who wants to build their own prospect list can now do so and they can be up and running in minutes and since our number one goal is to help our clients, we even do your setup once you upgrade to a paying client.

Your 30 day free trial is so you can see how powerful having access to the tools in 12SC is going to be for you to build any legal business you desire. You are not going to finish building a prospect list in 30 days—in fact, you will never stop building your prospect list unless you want to stop making money.

This is the same reason Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Coke, McDonald's, Dell Computer, Google, Microsoft and every other successful business online or offline never stop advertising. Your list is your advertising resource for the future.

Let me give you some examples:

Scenario One—You have no prospect list: You come across a product that you want to sell to make a little money so you spend money and time advertising that product to try and make sales and if you make sales, great and if you don't, you lose all your money. 99 times out of 100, you don't even make enough money to break even as you are doing a cold sale to people you don't know and they don't know you.

This cycle continues for as long as you refuse to build your own prospect list. You find something you want to sell, you pay and spend time on advertising for the product and if you get really-really lucky, you break even once in a while but more often than not, you lose money.

By having 12SC and being able to constantly build your own prospect list, you avoid this cycle of futility.

Scenario Two—You have no prospect list that you own: Let's say you have been with a company for 12 months selling vitamins or whatever and they have supplied you with nice capture pages and pre-written Autoresponder messages that are sent from their system. All you have to do is promote their capture page and when someone subscribes to get more information, their company Autoresponder does all the follow up. Nice, but only good for the company because if you ever wanted to promote anything else to that list, you can't because it is not your list. If and when you leave that company, all those prospects are now the property of the company and they can do whatever they want with them. This sucks because it was you who spent the time and money to get those people into the company's Autoresponder, but it is their Autoresponder and not yours.

All you can do is walk away empty handed…

Scenario Three—You have a 12SecondCommute.com Account: You have been with 12SC for only a few months but you have been building your own prospect list using your own Autoresponder and customized capture page. Now when you come across a great product you want to sell, all you do is login to your own 12SC Autoresponder, click a few buttons and send a Broadcast message to your entire list with your link to the great product. Depending on the size of your list and your rapport you have with your prospects, every sale you make is 100% pure profit and the entire process took you less than 5 minutes.

You continue growing your prospect list and you continue to send helpful information and great products to your prospects as you find them. They continue buying from you; your list continues to grow as does the amount of money you make.

If you never stop growing your prospect list, you will never stop making money.

The main goal of 12SC is to allow you to easily start building your prospect list using our Quick Start System and then through our online conferences and first class customer support we are going to educate you over time on how to use the other tools and resources in 12SC.

Upgrade your 12SC account today, attend our conferences and stick with it. Grow your list, let us train you on everything you need to succeed online and don't ever quit on your dream because dreams do come true and I am living proof of it.

Darryl Graham




Friday, April 23, 2010

Here’s How To Turn Any Ordinary Online Venture Into A Booming Business…

Hello, I'm interested to know what you are promoting online and I want to help you anyway I possibly can!

I see that you are thinking about taking the 30 day free trial of 12 Second Commute!


I also know that you must be serious about building your online business because you know how using online marketing tools is going to save you so much time and headache. What I'm hearing from a lot of the others in my downline is that they are just happy with the fact that everything they need is all in one place... That's a big bonus for me too...

My Name is Angie Mitchell and I'll be your new sponsor if you decide you want to take advantage of these online marketing tools to manage your business, I want you to know that I am here to answer any questions you might have after poking around in your back office.

I'll be so excited to welcome you to my team. Actually I'd love to give you a call to know more about you and your business so drop me a quick email if you like or Skype me.

I have been working online for a short time really when it comes to internet marketing and in that time I've been able to learn a ton of insider secrets which really shortened the learning curve for me.

I've known the owner of 12SC for just over a year now and he's been fantastic with the service he offers.

The videos are simple and straight forward if you need some extra help as well. Darryl has done a great job in making them easy to use and understand how they work.

I use the tools and promote the tools and because it has taken off very well for me, I've dropped everything else and I'm focusing on this 100%.

Most wouldn't tell you how many they have in their downline but I feel no reason to lie about it (gotta start somewhere right?) I'll be honest from the start so... Since November 2009 I grew my downline to 32 members (I know that's not a mega huge number but it's not bad in just 5 months) I help a great deal of them, others just want to do their own thing, that's perfectly ok... I look forward to helping you and getting to know you...all you have to do is ask.

** Don't forget ** if you decide you want to test the tools or upgrade be sure to sign up for the affiliate program...once you log in go to the "Affiliate Area" then to "Edit Affiliate Profile" and set that up so you can start earning commissions if and when you upgrade.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... also when you get into the back office of your 12SC account go down a little further to "Conference Center" then to "Conference Reminder Service" so you'll get email reminders of the trainings. These are great and you'll pick up nuggets of good information here.

I'm finding that most free trail members think they cannot access the trainings unless they upgrade...NOT TRUE! You are welcome to join no matter if you are a free member or and Elite member. Monday thru Thursday at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time.

I hope to see you there!

Have a fantastic week ahead :)

I'm also giving you a link (you might want to bookmark it for easy access) that will show you exactly what the different memberships have to offer. http://www.12path.com/MemberOptions1

I hope you see how this service is a big benefit to you and your business... when you think about it, at $9 a month or (.30 cents a day)... upgrading really is a no brainer.

You won't find that anywhere else... How do I know... I already looked.

The best way to reach me is through Skype or email.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason... even if you just want to say "Hi"

Click Here If You Want To Take A 30 Day Trial

Angie Mitchell
My Skype ID: angiebt79828

Paying It Forward ~ By Angie Mitchell

I've wanted to write a thank you to all my friends for some time now...

I want to publicly say thank you to all my friends. You know who you are. I learned so much and it really does mean a lot to me. Social media has created a whole new set of “friends” who know a lot about me and care about me, even though I may have never met in person. In fact some of my closest friends, I have met online. Many of these friends have taken the time to mold me into the Entrepreneur I am today.

They took the time to drop what they were doing and reach out. Thank you.

Most touching are the “friends” I have never met, or maybe met briefly. Your stories and friendships are heartwarming. You continue to motivate and inspire me and that means more to me than you will ever know.

This past year as some of you know has been at times overwhelming and a roller coaster to say the least. I came onto the scene in March 09 and have given up alot to follow my dreams of being an Internet Marketer. I will always be forever grateful for all the encouragement and support you have given to me. When times get rough, you really know who your friends are.

I was trying not to mention names but Jim Roche NJ has been there pretty much since Day 1, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I am. Somehow I'll find a way to repay you... so a very special thanks to Jim.

I have always tried to respond to every person who contacts me, any time, on any subject. I remember when it was me on the other end trying to meet people, get advice, and get growing. I'm still discovering and moving forward everyday.

Taking the leap into Internet Marketing has been a life changing event... for the better. The future is very bright. The opportunity is amazing. But, there are millions of other people who have struggled and continue to struggle in this industry where the promise is sometimes not so bright.

I ask each and every one of you to do whatever you can to help these people. Reach out to them. Don’t wait for them to contact you. You contact them. Do it now. Respond to their emails. Accept their phone calls. Refer opportunities to them. Take the time, show compassion, do the right thing and above all else be honest and sincere. Remember, it may be you one day who needs the help.

Give and you shall receive... when you need it most. It is not just a cliché. It is a way of life, and it works!

Thank you all. I appreciate every single one of you.

Click Here So I Can Pay It Forward

Angie Mitchell
Skype ID: angiebt79828

How Did The Wealthy 1% Do It?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 11:  Conservative pa...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife


What is the road you're on?

Recently let go?

Last year, over 2 million jobs were eliminated in the US alone!

Will you be next?

Feeling over worked?

"For the first time since the middle of the nineteenth century, we are working more hours... for less money!" ~ Michael Yates Professor of Econonics

More Hours Less Money!

Your job... is it keeping you from your family?

Only 1 in 5 Mothers are a Stay-At-Home Mom.

74% of all children cared for are by people other than their own parents.


Approaching Retirement?

After 40 years of working... at age 65:

63% depend on others.
29% are dead.
4% are financially secure.
3% are still working.
1% are Wealthy.


What is the answer?

How did the wealthy 1% do it?

74% own their OWN BUSINESS!

You Choose.

Online Marketing Tools To Manage Your Home Business

Angie Mitchell
Skype: angiebt79828

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Email Marketing Made Easy | Autoresponders | Online Marketing Tools

E-mail spam relayed by country in Q2/2007, sou...
Image via Wikipedia

If you are using someone else's email autoresponder you are growing THEIR list not YOUR own!

That being said... let's dig in.

Are you struggling to drive ROI from your email-marketing program?

In addition to email autoresponders, this service comes with a complete set of online marketing tools and is chock full of email-marketing best practices and tips, from building permission-based email lists to improving email deliverability to measuring success.

This email autoresponder is really part of a system that all works in conjunction with each other. It's by far the most affordable and reliable service I've come across on the internet to this point in my online career... and it’s so much more than just email autoresponders.

Email Marketing

Create and send your email campaigns, then see what your subscribers are up to.

Deliverability Tools

Improve email delivery. See how much email makes it to the Inbox and what it looks like when it gets there. Simply click on the Spam Checker Tool, it will tell you if your message is considered spam or not so you'll be able to tweak it before you send it to make sure it doesn't end up in the junk pile!

Content Creation

Create email messages and landing pages in minutes, even if you’re not a graphic designer. There are free templates you can choose to utilize as well.

Sales Integrated

Easily send targeted campaigns to your existing database and automatically track each response within individual lead and contact records.

Web Analytics

See what visitors are doing on your site. Know exactly which email and PPC campaigns generate the highest ROI.

Social Marketing

With one click of the mouse... post email messages (Broadcasts) to your list – or let your readers share your email campaigns virally. Then track the results!

Search Marketing

Discover the best keywords to stretch your PPC budget. Manage your campaigns in one place. Heck, take advantage of the whole suit of SEO Tools.

Here is a glimps at just the email autoresponder info you get once your inside... try them Free for 30 Day's then decide if you want to upgrade. No CC Required.

Your Mailing List

* Create New Mailing List
* View/Edit Mailing Lists
* Copy a Mailing List
* Form Code List
* Generate Form Code
* Split List Settings

Your Email Autoresoponders

* New Autoresponder Message - reliable, powerful and easy to use.
* View/Edit Autoresponder
* Add Letter Template
* View/Edit Letter Templates

Your Broadcasts

* New Broadcast Draft - easily send out emails to any mailing list
* View/Edit Broadcast Drafts
* Send Broadcast
* View Sent Broadcasts

Your Subscribers

* Search Subscribers - your contact info from all or a specific list
* Export Subscribers
* Delete Subscriber from All Lists
* Blacklist

Your Reports

* Broadcast Message Reports - see when, how many were sent and how many were opened
* Autoresponder Follow Up Message Reports
* Subscriber Summary Report
* Subscriber Reports: By Domain
* Subscriber Reports: By Country

Your Email Autoresponder Special Features

* Profile Variable Setup - a huge time saver -- allows you to setup custom variable codes that can be inserted into any message saving you typing the same thing over and over again in your email autoresponder messages.

* Import Autoresponder Messages - If you have or when you get a downline in any leagal business, the Import Autoresponder Messages and Autoresponder Export Passwords sections are going to be one of your best friends!

It allows you to setup messages, customize those messages and then as you bring people into your business, you can give them your customized messages and the system will automatically customize the message for the new person and place the messages into their own email autoresponder.

The beauty about this is that they won't have to write letters as they will be copying your success, doing exactly what you do and since it is working for you, it will work for them and poof--your business is off and growing.

* Manage Autoresponder Export Passwords

* Spam Checker Utility - checks your messages before you send them to ensure your messages don't end up in a spam folder.

These online marketing tools were designed specifically for business both online and offline businesses. Easy-to-use. Powerful. Totally affordable. If used as they are designed to be used will practically guarantee success.

FREE PDF Download (click here) "Email Marketing Genius" - the really, really smart and simple ways to make more money with email marketing!"

Angie Mitchell
Skype ID: angiebt79828

My Website

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keyword Rich Content and Article Marketing Is The Ticket!

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

One of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to bring free organic traffic to your website is by Article Marketing. The three biggest things that will make your website a big hit as it continues to grow is: popularity, navigation, and good content.

Navigation is in the hands of the Webmaster. However, popularity and content is all you baby! The more value you offer in your articles and the more articles you submit the more popular you will become.

The web is controlled by search engines and they are information junkies (often referred to as internet spiders). And like any junkie, they are forever searching for the next fix. When a search engine gets high on some good content it rewards its owner (YOU) by promoting a websites ranking which generates the always welcome organic (free) traffic. And traffic is the life support of internet.

The internet spiders are hungry! They need to be fed!

Make sense?

Your content needs to have certain requirements to have any real value. Search engines find search requests from users by using a system that uses keyword rich information that incorporate keywords into the body of your written content. If you have not taken the time to do keyword research or if you hate writing then I'd suggest hiring a skilled writer to do it for you. It will pay off in the long run!

Writing content just to have content out there without using keywords will be a humongous waste of your time. (Unless you are someone who just loves to write for the sake of writing or for your personal Blog) The competition is so vast people will never find you.

Let me try to explain...

If you were to write about "how to make money online" you'll see that the Google search results come back saying there are roughly 127,000,000 results. Ummmm... good luck getting found for those keywords. The only people getting all the traffic are the ones on the first few pages.

But, if you were to render it down and be more specific and let's say write about "make money online selling Avon hair products", Google returns 19,600 search results.

Chances of you getting on Page one of Google for that will be much much easier and happen faster as you submit more articles. You will be targeting a specific audience and putting your keyword rich content in front of the right people. (If that was what you were marketing.) But you get my point right?

Targeted Traffic + Conversions = Profit!

You can't just mention your keywords once or twice either. I've been told so many different numbers to use for keyword density, I honestly don't know for sure which one is the correct number to be following... I've heard anywhere from 3% up to 10% but I don't know for sure so I aim somewhere in the middle. If you do know leave me a comment, please and thank you!

That's why it's crucial to do your keyword research, find your target audience within your niche.

I kind of got off topic a bit but I got on a roll with explaining the importance of keywords rich content if you want to try article marketing but hey, sometimes it happens...

I know there are different tools out there you can use to do your keyword research some free, some you have to pay for. I use Google Adwords: Keyword Tool it's free and it works just fine for me.


I hope I was able to offer you some value with this article especially to those of you just bursting on the scene.

Just so you know... I didn't do one lick of keyword research for this article, I'm not trying to get ranked for it, I just wanted to give my readers some good information, oh hey... don't forget to let me know about the keyword density % if you know it. Thanks

Angie Mitchell
Skype: angiebt79828

My Website
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