Thursday, February 25, 2010

Online Marketing Tools And Free Techniques

When working an online business your end goal is to be a successful marketer who is earning a residual income but in order to reach the end result you must find internet marketing techniques and acquire a set of online marketing tools that are proven to be effective to help you promote whichever product, program or service you are marketing.

There are several tools and methods for marketing online that you can opt for. I've taken care of the researching part of it for you because I've found a complete set which will save you time and money looking for these tools. Everything you need to start making money online in one place.

This stockpile of online marketing tools has everything from Ad Trackers and Email Autoresponders to SEO tools, Contact Manager and even a Program Builder so your lazy downline can duplicate your marketing efforts, I could go on and on all day as to what my system has to offer but I'd like to focus today on 3 different marketing techniques you can try for free.

Ultimately, you want to entice more people to your website, gain customers for your business, and start branding yourself as well as whatever it is you are promoting. If you are just beginning your online marketing strategy I would propose starting out with the following free techniques. Note: I refuse to pay for advertising and I'm experiencing success without having to pay for it. All it costs me is my time, and since I love what I do, it hardly feels like "work".

There are companies out there that would love to squeeze your wallet for submitting your websites to major search engines, but you can do it yourself for free simply by typing in the website URL then clicking on the submit button, your website will be inspected by website spiders and meta tag crawlers absolutely free. It's that easy breezy lemon squeezy! If your website meets search engine criteria, it will be considered for listing when the search engine is updated. This is a fabulous free marketing tool for internet business owners. I highly recommend you do this!

Offering an opt-in free newsletter containing information pertaining to your product, program or service is another great free technique to gain internet marketing and exposure. People who will want access to the freebies, resources and tips will opt-in to get them. Along with the information you offer, you can include links to your website. People who were initially wanting free information are now potential customers. That's what they call "building the list" This is a fantastic free marketing technique because you control the content, links, and information.

With the set of online marketing tools I use it comes complete with Email Autoresponders, Templates, and Link Trackers so I know when and how many people are reading my juicy newsletters. Before long you will gain a large database of newsletter subscribers. Marketing your online business will be a creative endeavor that could bring in a hefty amount of revenue for your business.

Another free marketing technique is through the exchange of banners or links. Consider exchanging links with other internet businesses of similar interest. For example, if your online business website focuses on fishing supplies, consider marketing your business by exchanging links with an online business that sells camping supplies. Choose internet marketing partners carefully, and you could form valuable relationships that will provide you with the free internet marketing you're seeking.

Free Trial of Online Marketing Tools

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We're so confident in our system that we're willing to give you a FREE trial. There is no credit card required for your trial and our upgrades start at only $9 per month. We also offer more support than anyone else out there because we want you to succeed online.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Not What You Are Marketing, It's What Online Tools You Use

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If you are just one of the millions of internet marketers trying to make a buck online, then you will have no doubt have heard someone say, "If you want to make money online, you have to build an opt-in list." Now, how on earth are you expected to do just that? First of all, if you don't have the marketing tools in place, you can't.

You gotta understand that there are 1.4 billion people who access the internet on a daily basis and guess what? Some of those people are YOUR ideal clients! That having been said, there are a very large number of other internet marketers who are using tools and those are the ones who are seeing the success because they are getting to your customers before you are.

Now you can find all sorts of online marketing tools but I want to talk to you about the basic tools. The foundation, the ABCs, the infrastructure, the spine, you get my drift. You are encouraged to use other marketing tools of course but I can not stress enough the importance of laying down the groundwork before you try and throw yourself out into the middle of the information superhighway.

The barebones minimum you are going to need are:

* A Capture Page Creator - to start building that list of yours

* Autoresponders - to get your message to your customers

* A Contact Manager - to keep in contact with those customers

* Link Trackers - to know where your customers are coming from or not coming from

Other online marketing tools I'd recommend are:

* A Program Builder - allows you to easily duplicate a sales and marketing system so your downline can be up and running with the same capture page and autoresponder messages as you--all fully customized with their information.

* URL Rotators - to promote multiple products, services or programs as well as help your downline or to sell co-op advertising.

* SEO tools - to begin optimizing your website(s) for top placement within the search engines. So people can find you on the internet.

OK, so you have a Product, Program or Service you want to promote. You have to know the Who, What, Where, When and How to promote to these eager people. There are roughly 70 million searches done in a month.

The big question is...... Can they find you?

Online Marketing Tools

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Online Marketing Tools Even A Caveman Could Use

I receive emails all too often asking me to check out some new life-changing software/system/tool that will most certainly change my life. While all of these online marketing tools mean well, 90% miss on the most important part of product, program or service management.


I’ve come across dozens of online marketing tools, and I can say with certainty that the number one most important aspect of good online tools is it needs to be drop-dead simple. Unfortunately, this is the number one most-overlooked aspect as well.

I don't necessarily use all the fancy schmancy tools I have available to me, although very handy when I do need them. I do make great use of the Autoresponder, Contact Manager, Capture Page Creator, Link Tracker, SEO Tools... these are all standard tools when working online. Sure, I could use a sharp stick on leather if I wanted to. (Note to self: get more leather at local tannery.)

No, this system the most dexterous, all-inclusive system I've ever come across, short of the old pen and paper method. If you have ears and eyes to listen to training videos, attend trainings and know how to follow instruction then you will do just fine. Yes, there is alot of information provided with this service because it offers so much. Note: there is also a lot of support as well if needed and I'm not just saying that because it sounds good.

There are alot of newbies trying to make a living online and I know all too well how frustrating it can be but there is only one way to eat an elephant and that's one bite at a time. (Isn't that right Olson?) There is just not enough time in one day to know everything there is to know about working online. However, there are tools available to make things easier and you can have them all under one roof, saving you time and money floundering all over the internet.

And I guarantee you’ll get more done.

If you don't have a process in place, it doesn't matter what glossy software you install. It won't work. You’ve got to know the ropes when you’re running your own business. Choose the right online marketing tools for the job and you’ll on your way to getting it done efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Are you trembling with excitement, dreaming of all the free time you’ll have for doing all of those things you always wanted? You should be. This will change your life. Are you ready?

After getting yourself a product, program or service to promote use online marketing tools and start promoting! Build yourself a capture page, track you traffic, start building your list and keep in contact with them. I've become pretty good at BUM Marketing, I have never ever paid for advertising, all I have paid for is the online marketing tools the rest of my time is spent writing content and getting it out there.

You have got to keep things simple, stay focused and don't make the mistake so many others have made by spreading yourself too thin or having too many irons in the fire as they say.

Online marketing tools is largely all about solving problems, time management and being efficient - and I for one will take all the help I can get in that regard.

Running an online business and making money on the Internet is soooooo much easier when you have right tools and supreme guidance.

Till next time, happy marketing!

See for yourself and try them Free for 30 days.

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Angie Mitchell offers online marketing tools and support to those who promote any legal Product, Program or Service. Please feel free to put the tools to the test for 30 days before you decide to upgrade.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Are Free Email Autoresponders Safe? Online Marketing Tools

Are free email autoresponders safe for your online marketing business? I will show you three main issues behind a free email autoresponder offer and how to escape them.

As you may have heard, knowledge is power: if you know the dangers, you can avoid them.

I’m talking about free online marketing tools you can have access to by way of a free subscription. Sometimes you could find yourself bombarded with spam or, even worse, malware before you even realize it.

Of course, if your goal is to make money online you have to be careful when using free online marketing tools, a good dose of malware would definitely throw a wrench into things, free is not always the way to go in my own opinion.

The most important online marketing tool is email autoresponders, Many companies offer a free autoresponder account. Unfortunately, not all these offers are really what they seem.

Here is a list of things to watch out for.

1) A 1 Month Free Trial

Most of the top autoresponder companies offer a free account with this clause: "You will receive an account free of charge for a trial period of one month and then, if you then decide to keep it, you must pay the monthly fee."

To escape this trap you need to carefully check the terms and conditions before subscribing. If you decide to use the free email autoresponders just to test the service out, it’s no skin off your back if you drop you account at the end of the month. However, if you do indeed decide to use the free account for the real intent to grow your online business, make certain you don’t loose your subscribers at the end of the 1st month. The only way to escape this is to make sure, before subscription, that the service allows you to export your subscribers list. Once exported, you get your asset and you can import it and market it with any other email autoresponder service.

2) Limited Follow-ups

One of the main limitations of free email autoresponders has to do with the number of follow-up messages you can import. Obviously, you will need at least a follow-up series for each one of your marketing campaigns, but this is something many newbies don’t realize. That’s why they may discover how a free email autoresponder may limit their business when discover, it’s too late.

An easy way to escape this trap is to subscribe for more than one account to the same service: If the free autoresponder service gives you 3 follow-up series, you could subscribe for two accounts and get access to 6 series. Most of the time, the only thing you need is another email address, and you can get as many as you want at (within reason) then again this does require a bit more work to manage. This is up to you to evaluate: You should plan in advance which kind of business you want to build and how many campaigns it will need. If the campaign number is high as compared to the maximum follow-up series of the account, maybe the price you’re going to pay for it will be too high. As before, check the terms and conditions before subscribing then make your plans accordingly. I personally would never go this route because I don't need the headache.

3) Low Level Instruction (how to use the darn things)

If you have never used email autoresponders before you might find that with a free service that there is little to no real instruction on how to properly set them up and use them to your advantage. When working online you know that time is precious, you do not want to find yourself bouncing from page to page like a confused crazy person unable to find what you needed. Again, it depends on the service you choose. What I can suggest you to do to avoid falling in this trap is to check the instructions and tutorials right away after subscription and before launching any marketing campaigns.

Everybody learns differently, some need to read it, some need to hear it, some need to watch it and some need all three and there is nothing wrong with that.

With the set of online marketing tools I use including email autoresponders, there are video tutorials, text based tutorials, live conferences 4 times per week where you will get your questions answered, there is even a Skype group where people (from around the world) gather and offer help. All for a Basic Membership of $9/mth up to a $39/mth Elite Membership where the online marketing tools is unlimited.

I hope this article will be useful to you. If you’re determined to build a real business and make money online, know that you can do it with free resources, Personally I could do without the headaches.

Online Marketing Tools

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Am I To Recommend Online Marketing Tools? Angie Mitchell

Are you working from home and do you really want to be successful? That might sound like a silly question, but it is the first questions you must ask yourself and you need to be brutally honest. Do you have what it takes? Are you using online marketing tools? If not, you are leaving money on the table people!

Many people will say "Yes!, I want to be successful!" but they are not willing to do what is necessary to achieve their goal. First off, online marketing tools are a must, look at all the superheroes, they had all sorts of aids to make their lives easier and the end result was, they helped and the mission was accomplished successfully.

Working from home is work and while the scammers are telling you how easy things will be and how much you can make overnight, you and I both know that is not the case or you would not be reading this article.

If working from home was so easy, we would all be sitting on a beach watching the waves roll in with our laptop spewing out money. Working from home can be easier but that requires an investment on your part. Get yourself a set of online marketing tools, let them be your "superheroes" I know you might be good but not that good. Who has time to send out individual emails and keep in contact with their customers while keeping track of where the traffic is coming from? Who has time to hold others hands when you could be handing them a ready made fully customizable program they could be using that very hour?

I saw an email today that read 7 steps to 7 figures and it went on to tell how one person made their first million in only 21 days. Do the math on this and that is over $47,000 per day. Right and I saw a pig flying last Friday too.

People are tired of all the hype and misleading information that litters the internet these days. Every Product, Program and Service is just so much bigger, better, more powerful than the last. Being helpful and teaching others to be helpful is the key to success. People follow people not Products, Programs and Services so, stop trying to cram whatever it is you are trying to promote down peoples throats. Build a relationship and be honest, offer to help... then show them the online marketing tools you use in being successful.

If you believe that hype out on the Internet about instant riches, you might want to stop reading right now because you are not going to get it from me.

Some are so desperate to make money online but they don't want to invest in online marketing tools. Working like a dog, trying to be successful is plain and simple a huge waste of time and money if you don't have online marketing tools- not when you're competing with the thousands that are. It takes some work and it will take some money on your part—not much, but some.

I'm not a "Guru or Webmaster". I did however wake up and smell the coffee then I purchased myself a great set of online marketing tools and I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor and let me tell you it feels pretty darn good! I'm not able to retire just yet but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter every day.

Every day people are seeing the power of their online marketing tools, they too are experiencing success.

There are many businesses out there who will give you capture pages and Autoresponder messages to help sell THEIR service, but you are not building YOUR own prospect list. Start building your own list that you totally control and that you can use to sell any legal product, program or service on the Internet.

If you cannot afford online marketing tools to manage your entire online business, build your prospect list and get unlimited help and support, then you might want to seriously rethink your online objectives. No, that is not a slap but as I told you in the beginning, you are going to need to invest a little money to build your business and speaking personally, I am actually making money online and that is more than 99% of people can say.

Do not purchase online marketing tools because I recommend it, do it for yourself and your business.

Online Marketing Tools

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Online Marketing Tools | SEO Tools | Angie Mitchell

Is your website healthy from an SEO perspective? There are many online marketing tool services out there, I use is 12 Second Commute and one reason I love it so much is because I get all the tools I need under one roof, SEO tools included, saving me time and money!

It's important to be able to diagnose what the problems are with your website, and you do this by using SEO tools. In other words SEO tools provide a "cure" that will make your website perform better.

Having a sick website is like leaving money on the table.

Your website requires careful evaluation in order for you to determine exactly where and how you’re leaving money on the table. The online marketing tools provided by 12 Second Commute offers an array of SEO tools that do just that.

There are some straight forward things that you can do to optimize your site. If you wish to get additional traffic to your web site, but you must use and implement SEO tools and build your website spider food for the search engines.

Online marketing tools especially SEO tools conveniently help you to analyze the top ranking sites in the search engines and figure out the reason for its success. You are able to spy on your competition with the Competition Manager Tool and compare link popularity with your competitors' sites.

The Keyword Density Analysis Tool shows you how ofter you are using common words and phrases on your site. Many SEO experts consider the optimum keyword density to be 1 to 3 percent. When you calculate your keyword density, ignore html tags and other embedded tags which will not actually appear in the text of the page once it is published.

With a Reciprocal Link Checker you can quickly and easily find out if your reciprocal link partners are linking back at your site. It's important to know the anchor text used by your link partners that are linking to your website because you'll want to avoid getting into trouble with the Search Engines if it's a "bad link". Unknowingly linking to a link farm could get your site banned entirely. So this is a good SEO tool to have.

Another SEO tool to have is a Spider Tester, you'll be able to analyze the page size, source code, meta tags, page title, textual copy of the page, keyword breakdown by density (including 2 and 3 word phrases), number of words, number of unique words, and outbound links on any page.

In addition to the must have online marketing tools talked about in my previous articles, 12 Second Commute includes the following SEO Tools:

Competition Manager
Keyword Generator
Search Engine Submission
Metatag Tool
Reciprocal Link Checker
Keyword Density Analysis
Spider Tester
Google Suggest Scraper Tool
Google Rank Checker Tools
Search Engine Saturation
Page Comparison Tool
Keyword List Generator
Link Suggest Tool

Online Marketing Tools

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