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Hi, I'm Darryl Graham and let me tell you a little story about why I created 12SC and what it will do for you.

I started working online in 1999 and soon thereafter I had a partner who understood the importance of building a prospect list.

He tried for a long time to tell me about building and maintaining a prospect list as did others who were making money online, but I just could not see the big picture and did not want to spend the time and money in putting an Autoresponder together.

To make a long story short, we parted ways and he went on to make over $500,000 in less than 2 years while I continued to struggle and fight for survival each day.

Had I listened to him and the others who were hammering me with the truth and telling me to build my prospect list, I too, could have made over $500,000 in those first 4 years, but since I did not listen to reason and do the one thing that was making others extremely wealthy, I lost more than half a million dollars.

I vowed after I finally realized the potential of having my own prospect list that I would help others avoid my mistake, so I created my first Autoresponder around 2004.

My first Autoresponder was good, but people still had to build capture pages and tie the Autoresponder into those capture pages which still took a few hours of work for experienced marketers and many more hours for inexperienced marketers.

In 2009, I started conceptualizing 12SC as I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to build their own prospect list using a service that was easy to use and easy to afford.

In addition to the top of the line Autoresponder, we included all the other tools that are necessary to really succeed online. Tools such as the Ad and Link Tracker, URL Rotator, Capture page creator, conference center, Blog and an affiliate center that would allow our clients to make a little money or a lot of money.

The beauty of 12SC is that everyone who wants to build their own prospect list can now do so and they can be up and running in minutes and since our number one goal is to help our clients, we even do your setup once you upgrade to a paying client.

Your 30 day free trial is so you can see how powerful having access to the tools in 12SC is going to be for you to build any legal business you desire. You are not going to finish building a prospect list in 30 days—in fact, you will never stop building your prospect list unless you want to stop making money.

This is the same reason Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Coke, McDonald's, Dell Computer, Google, Microsoft and every other successful business online or offline never stop advertising. Your list is your advertising resource for the future.

Let me give you some examples:

Scenario One—You have no prospect list: You come across a product that you want to sell to make a little money so you spend money and time advertising that product to try and make sales and if you make sales, great and if you don't, you lose all your money. 99 times out of 100, you don't even make enough money to break even as you are doing a cold sale to people you don't know and they don't know you.

This cycle continues for as long as you refuse to build your own prospect list. You find something you want to sell, you pay and spend time on advertising for the product and if you get really-really lucky, you break even once in a while but more often than not, you lose money.

By having 12SC and being able to constantly build your own prospect list, you avoid this cycle of futility.

Scenario Two—You have no prospect list that you own: Let's say you have been with a company for 12 months selling vitamins or whatever and they have supplied you with nice capture pages and pre-written Autoresponder messages that are sent from their system. All you have to do is promote their capture page and when someone subscribes to get more information, their company Autoresponder does all the follow up. Nice, but only good for the company because if you ever wanted to promote anything else to that list, you can't because it is not your list. If and when you leave that company, all those prospects are now the property of the company and they can do whatever they want with them. This sucks because it was you who spent the time and money to get those people into the company's Autoresponder, but it is their Autoresponder and not yours.

All you can do is walk away empty handed…

Scenario Three—You have a Account: You have been with 12SC for only a few months but you have been building your own prospect list using your own Autoresponder and customized capture page. Now when you come across a great product you want to sell, all you do is login to your own 12SC Autoresponder, click a few buttons and send a Broadcast message to your entire list with your link to the great product. Depending on the size of your list and your rapport you have with your prospects, every sale you make is 100% pure profit and the entire process took you less than 5 minutes.

You continue growing your prospect list and you continue to send helpful information and great products to your prospects as you find them. They continue buying from you; your list continues to grow as does the amount of money you make.

If you never stop growing your prospect list, you will never stop making money.

The main goal of 12SC is to allow you to easily start building your prospect list using our Quick Start System and then through our online conferences and first class customer support we are going to educate you over time on how to use the other tools and resources in 12SC.

Upgrade your 12SC account today, attend our conferences and stick with it. Grow your list, let us train you on everything you need to succeed online and don't ever quit on your dream because dreams do come true and I am living proof of it.

Darryl Graham



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