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If you are using someone else's email autoresponder you are growing THEIR list not YOUR own!

That being said... let's dig in.

Are you struggling to drive ROI from your email-marketing program?

In addition to email autoresponders, this service comes with a complete set of online marketing tools and is chock full of email-marketing best practices and tips, from building permission-based email lists to improving email deliverability to measuring success.

This email autoresponder is really part of a system that all works in conjunction with each other. It's by far the most affordable and reliable service I've come across on the internet to this point in my online career... and it’s so much more than just email autoresponders.

Email Marketing

Create and send your email campaigns, then see what your subscribers are up to.

Deliverability Tools

Improve email delivery. See how much email makes it to the Inbox and what it looks like when it gets there. Simply click on the Spam Checker Tool, it will tell you if your message is considered spam or not so you'll be able to tweak it before you send it to make sure it doesn't end up in the junk pile!

Content Creation

Create email messages and landing pages in minutes, even if you’re not a graphic designer. There are free templates you can choose to utilize as well.

Sales Integrated

Easily send targeted campaigns to your existing database and automatically track each response within individual lead and contact records.

Web Analytics

See what visitors are doing on your site. Know exactly which email and PPC campaigns generate the highest ROI.

Social Marketing

With one click of the mouse... post email messages (Broadcasts) to your list – or let your readers share your email campaigns virally. Then track the results!

Search Marketing

Discover the best keywords to stretch your PPC budget. Manage your campaigns in one place. Heck, take advantage of the whole suit of SEO Tools.

Here is a glimps at just the email autoresponder info you get once your inside... try them Free for 30 Day's then decide if you want to upgrade. No CC Required.

Your Mailing List

* Create New Mailing List
* View/Edit Mailing Lists
* Copy a Mailing List
* Form Code List
* Generate Form Code
* Split List Settings

Your Email Autoresoponders

* New Autoresponder Message - reliable, powerful and easy to use.
* View/Edit Autoresponder
* Add Letter Template
* View/Edit Letter Templates

Your Broadcasts

* New Broadcast Draft - easily send out emails to any mailing list
* View/Edit Broadcast Drafts
* Send Broadcast
* View Sent Broadcasts

Your Subscribers

* Search Subscribers - your contact info from all or a specific list
* Export Subscribers
* Delete Subscriber from All Lists
* Blacklist

Your Reports

* Broadcast Message Reports - see when, how many were sent and how many were opened
* Autoresponder Follow Up Message Reports
* Subscriber Summary Report
* Subscriber Reports: By Domain
* Subscriber Reports: By Country

Your Email Autoresponder Special Features

* Profile Variable Setup - a huge time saver -- allows you to setup custom variable codes that can be inserted into any message saving you typing the same thing over and over again in your email autoresponder messages.

* Import Autoresponder Messages - If you have or when you get a downline in any leagal business, the Import Autoresponder Messages and Autoresponder Export Passwords sections are going to be one of your best friends!

It allows you to setup messages, customize those messages and then as you bring people into your business, you can give them your customized messages and the system will automatically customize the message for the new person and place the messages into their own email autoresponder.

The beauty about this is that they won't have to write letters as they will be copying your success, doing exactly what you do and since it is working for you, it will work for them and poof--your business is off and growing.

* Manage Autoresponder Export Passwords

* Spam Checker Utility - checks your messages before you send them to ensure your messages don't end up in a spam folder.

These online marketing tools were designed specifically for business both online and offline businesses. Easy-to-use. Powerful. Totally affordable. If used as they are designed to be used will practically guarantee success.

FREE PDF Download (click here) "Email Marketing Genius" - the really, really smart and simple ways to make more money with email marketing!"

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