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If You Treat Your Business Like A Hobby... Then This Probably Isn't For You!

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you were to run a home based business without online marketing tools, there is just not enough time in the day to be efficient, productive and successful. Lets face it, time is money and at the end of the day we all as business owners must make the most it.

Here is a scenario for you and I'm sure you've heard it before... If you were a mechanic, would you show up to work and have a profitable, efficient and be effective day at fixing cars if you never had the right tools? Duh, of course not... Well, the same can be said about marketing your business. There is no way you can do it and do it well if you don't use the right tools!

You must keep in contact with your customers, clients, downline etc. You must know where these people are coming from or where they are not coming from so you can taylor your campaigns to get the best return on investment right?

Now, of course you could get all I have to offer at various places on the net, read alot of ebooks and trial and error your way to success without this service... but how much is your time worth?

What I am going to expose you to could easily be offered for hundreds of dollars but I've decided that because this wasn't my original purpose of helping fellow marketers, although I am in business of making profit, this isn't my soul intent.

It would take you months, even years to reap the same benefit and a whole lot of headache to get this much value in one place. In my opinion that alone is worth every penny. That's why you can see that at $39/month or $1.30 a day (less than a cup of coffee) these online marketing tools are a true bargain for you to get your hands on.

In fact, I want to give you something so valuable that you'd just have to snatch this up... because just the thought of having to explain to your friends and family that you passed up such a good deal, would make you feel embarrassed.

Even if you only utilize 10% of this service you are still getting your moneys worth.

What You're Going To Get Is...

1) A top notch online marketing system to run your business efficiently and effectively. All the tools under one roof at an easy to afford price.

* Autoresponders
* Contact Manager
* Ad Trackers
* Capture Page Creator
* Affiliate Area
* URL Rotator
* Newbie Training Center
* Blog
* Video Training
* Translation Area
* Program Builder
* SEO Tools
* Smart Page
* Conference Center
* Purchase Traffic
* Bonus Traffic
* Hosting

2) 6 Real Time Training Sessions per week. At these conferences we discuss Social Networking, SEO, Advertising and the online marketing tools themselves, the training conferences are packed full of those "golden nuggets" we all love to gather and they generally run for about an hour.

3) If you're a total newbie there is a whole section dedicated specifically for you along with past recordings of previous lessons and video tutorials that are easy to comprehend.

4) The crown jewel of the system itself is what every internet marketer wishes was around when they got started and it's called The Program Builder! With just a few clicks of the mouse, your organization will be able to easily duplicate your efforts totally customizable with their information! How cool is that? Way Cool!

5) Access to me personally to help you get started and because I'll be your sponsor you will be able to contact me whenever you like for as long as you are involved!

6) And so Much More!

Here Is My Promise To You...

If you don't cut your current amount of time you spend helping your downline and dealing with customers by 70% after trying using these online marketing tools, then you can rest assured that you will not be charged after putting this service to the test for a full 30 days.

I'm so sure you will see the value in this service that I'm willing to give it to you for what normally would cost you a couple hundred dollars for only $39/mth for an Elite Account or just $9/mth for a Basic Account.

Here's why this is such a great deal for you... if you're currently bouncing all over the internet utilizing different online marketing tools, mine are going to save you boat loads of time and money. And you will get all the support you can stand!

And if you've got no plan and making no money - then you definitely need this service - because it's the perfect model that attracts affiliates... who will drive the traffic... and make the sales for you because it allows them to duplicate your success.

Either way, if you put the tools to use - you should make many, many times your $39/mth investment back within the 1st 30 days of using this service. You've got to be a little nuts not to jump all over this offer.

But... If you treat your business like a hobby, this offer probably is not for you.

*My Golden Guarantee*

Get this and go through it immediately. If after 10 minutes, you don't feel you've already gotten your money's worth...I DEMAND you contact me...better still... I will make sure you are never charged after taking advantage of these online marketing tools for a full 30 days...No questions asked.

There is No Credit Card Required unless you decide to upgrade.

You only stand to gain by acting on this immediately... In the unlikely event you decide this is not for you, we will wish you all the best, you will NOT receive any emails from me asking you to come back or trying to sell you anything, and you will be permanently removed from the database forever because we do not want any unsatisfied customers.

YES, I Want To Take Angie Up On Her Offer!

Angie Mitchell
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Loathe Writing Articles? | Angie Mitchell

Are you a someone who absolutely loathes writing articles? Do you put it off for as long as possible?

I know how you feel, because I've been there!

I want to persuade you that writing copy does not have to be a chore. All you need is a little mindshift towards writing articles.

Do me a favor and take what I'm about to offer you to heart. You will begin to look forward to writing, and you just might find yourself addicted!

1) Each article you submit is an advertisement for your Product, Program or Service.

If you have the opportunity to enlist an unlimited number of persuasive advertisements free of charge, all over the the globe building your company and reputation, demonstrating your top-notch expertise in your niche, would you take advantage of it?

Yes, of course you would!

Why? Because each article IS your own advertisement for your website or whichever Product, Program or Service you are offering.


In the article body you prove your expertise, teach your readers an important lesson about your niche. Then, in your resource box you will tell a little about yourself and your business and give readers a purpose to go to your website.

Each article that you submit gets picked up for re-publication on more and more sites, like a bad disease "spreading the news". The more value you offer in the articles you submit, the more positive results for your website.

2) Every single article vouches for your knowledge on your topic. (Don't try and fake it, people can smell it a mile away.)

Your articles must have a goal of demonstrating your knowledge on your topic. This means that if your website is about fishing, then all of your articles should be about various aspects of fishing. Where to fish, what gear to fish with, types of fishing etc...

OK stop for a second now.... Let's make this perfectly clear and read this sentence twice...(outloud) "Your articles SHOULD NOT be about your business". That would make the article sales oriented, it turns people off, how do I know? From experience, that's how.

With writing articles about your Product, Program or Service being "selly" is not what you're going for here, save the selling for your sales letter or autoresponders. Instead, your article should educate your readers about your topic. Offer them a solution, give them value!

3) Each article you submit is literally a commercial for your business.

Are you one of those people who expects to submit a handful of articles and then see amazing and ongoing results? If you are, you wouldn't be the first.

BACK UP THE BUS! That is not the way article marketing works. Just as advertising and marketing are ongoing endeavours for every business owner, so is submitting articles. Do you want to spread the news about your website and yield more customers for your business?

Of course you do! Of course you do!

Your "commercial" consists of an article that should slap your reader in the face with your expertise on your topic.

The Number One Deadly Mistake Marketers Make

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

4 Must Have Online Marketing Tools | Angie Mitchell

I'm going to share with you in this article the 4 simple must have online marketing tools anybody working online today should be using if wanting to succeed.

The number of people whose efforts are touched by the internet these days is hard to imagine. Many of us have been working full-time online for some time, but for the vast majority of people online today that is not the case.

Sorry, but it is obvious to experienced Internet Marketers that many people are not using some tools that would make their lives so much more effective and efficient. Here's a list of some tools I'd suggest are essential. These online marketing tools will deliver huge value to your workday and take no time at all to get set up. Some will be obvious to full time web workers, but some suggestions may not be to the constant flow of newcomers. They include: Capture Page Marker; Ad and Link Trackers; Autoresponder and a Contact Manager.

Capture Page Creator, this tool is seriously going to enhance your capture and splash pages. If you don't have a capture page, you need to make one and start building your list! I'm sure you've heard others speak of "the money is in the list".

Another must have tool is Ad and Link Trackers so you to know where your traffic is coming from and so you know what's working and what's not. This is a very simple tool to use.

You must, must, must have an Autoresponder that is reliable and easy to use, people signed up to you capture page because they were interested in what you had to offer so you need to keep in touch with these clients and send them more information now and down the road.

A Contact Manager is also a handy tool because if you don't keep in touch with your clients, you will never reach the top. Having this specific online marketing tool solves that issue since it is automatically tied into your Capture Page and Autoresponder. Your job is simply a matter of managing prospects and clients.

Here is how it works, you create a tracking link, you make a Capture Page, you track your Capture Page, when people sign up to you Capture Page they will automatically start receiving your Autoresponder messages containing information on the product, program or service you are offering, they are then placed into your Contact Manager. With these simple online marketing tools you are now building your list my friend!

Those are some of the tools I've find most important to use, and that I wish more people I interact with would use. The difference between working with powerful online marketing tools and working without them is huge. What would you add to or subtract from this list?

4 And So Much More Online Marketing Tools You Need to Succeed

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21 Techniques To Improve Website Performance

I came across this useful information and wanted to share with my readers these 21 Marketing Techniques, if put them to practice you will surely increase traffic to your website. By Klemen Stirn

Read about them here

High Performance Online Marketing Tools for any legal Product, Program or Service promoted on the internet today.

Leave a comment with your favorite techniques, tips or tools!

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