Thursday, January 13, 2011

RE: A Goal-Setting Secret For Struggling Internet Marketers

On my main Blog I have written a new post to let those that "kinda know me" really get a chance to know the story behind my journey of how I got to where I am today and what decisions I had made to get me here.


Here are just a few of the responses I have received already...

Wow! Angie!! That is beautiful!

I am so glad that I met you and took the opportunity to work with you.
I also spent a lot of time "trying to learn the ropes", and finally I know that I have found "my Passion".
So many of the friends I have made online are Canadians. You really are wonderful people!!

It sounds like things continue to move forward, so happy for you!!

May we both know that 2011 will be a "record year" in SO many ways for us!


Hi Angie
That's inspiring!! Thank you


Thank you for sharing Angie!


You have always been amazing, a beautiful person inside and out! I'm so happy to be on your team. Thanks for all the time you've spent helping me "learn the ropes"



If you'd like to read A Goal-Setting Secret For Struggling Internet Marketers Click here.


Please leave a comment after reading my story and share with me YOUR story!

May we all experience and enjoy even the smallest amounts off successes along the way!


Angie Mitchell

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