Sunday, November 7, 2010

12 Second Commute Members, You Have To Read This Post!

12 Second Commute Faux Pas

I have been a Charter Member of 12 Second Commute since inception. At one point I had requested a change in my Username, within 24 hours I went from bt79828 to AngieMitchell.

I was happy as a pig in (you know what!)

I never gave bt79828 another thought. I had a new member join my team and he informed me that one of my tracking links was not going to my 12SC affiliate links. I checked it and it took me to what I thought was one of my pages that did not include a picture and contact information of myself.

So I left it alone.

This is a portion of his first email to me:

Hi Angie,

blah, blah, blah…

“On another note… it seems to me that you are loosing referrals in your 12SC business… your url doesn’t point to your affiliate link… try visit other people 12SC affiliate link and then visit … you will see their name in the sign-up page.”

All the best, XYZ

I assured him that everything was kosher and not to worry.

My new found friend was insistent that it was not linked to me. So I checked it out again and it did the same thing. I was starting to think he was a bit confused.

This morning he sent me another email:

“I’ll contact you today via skype, you are loosing sales in 12SC!”

So again I go and check, I cleared my cookies and my cache and refreshed the link….. AH HA!


I saw a totally different affiliate page than I saw the first 2 times, this time I saw pictures and contact info of other members.

I cleared all history and did this a few more times… I saw multiple 12 Second Commute Charter members pages.

I did not realize that if you change your Username, your old links attached to your old Username will become “floaters” and act as a giant rotator for all the Members of 12SC!

I had assumed that the system would automatically make the switch.

NO, NO, NO… It does not.

So for the past 7 months some of the Members here at 12SC may have gotten signups and benefited from my hard work to some extent, let me be the first to say Congratulations if you have…

I actually contacted a few of my close contacts and discussed my concern, I had boiled it down and explained it off as “an extended silly season.”

Needless to say, (after almost blacking out) I went through all of my old affiliate tracking links and made the correction.

I ended up changing 19 tracking links that had a combined count of over 10,000 hits and a few of those had a boat load of traffic going to them to boot!

Am I pissed?

Not at all… I look at it as I’ve done my good deed for the next 5 years ;)

Even after this BROBDINGNAGIAN faux pas, I wanted to share something that has been very valuable to me and a few other people I know.

You can take it or you can leave it, but I have spent many hundreds of dollars and a countless number of hours to learn certain skills that have benefited me (you have to be willing to do that sometimes if you want to be successful.)

But these reports won’t cost you even a scrooge penny.

I have 7 free reports for those that want them from a man I have learned A LOT from (no, it’s not Jim Roche )


To your continued success,
Angie Mitchell

Tell me, what would your reaction have been?

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